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Seperate origins
It seems that Gunstead originated from England and Norway (USA) without any connection to each other. My friend in England (John) tells me that Gunstead in england originated from Gunston to Gunstone to Gunstead for over 4 centuries ago. John says that his grandfather was born Thomas Gunstone, july 31st 1854, married by the name Thomas Gunstead january 29th 1879.
He also tells that the "English" version of the name is that it derives from Gunnrs-Tun, a viking pre 8th century personal name meaning Battle and Tun meaning Farm. The first recorded spelling is Bartholamew de Guneton in 1195.

My problem is this:

When Ånen Gunderstad changed is name to Gunstead because of the convenience in pronouncing Gunstead - was this name change just coinsidence or did "they" change it because it was a known name from perhaps England?
I would like to know in detail how the name changed from Gunderstad to Gunstead.
We have no record of the emigration from Norway because the local public record office in Stavanger, Norway who had the emigration information burned down in the mid 19. century.

Is it normal to have seperate origins of the same surname?

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What happen to Georg Gunstead
Arnt Matteus and Janne Gunstead had a son named Georg Gunstead. We know little about him. He was a painter and paintet several paintings and sold them to make a living. As we have heard the paintings where of good quality and was bought for an ok amount of money. Rumors say that Georg fell into the wrong "environment" and had to change is name which he probably have done unknown number of times. Just recently we have heard that he died under a different name.
The last known address is that he lived in Klepp municipal, Rogaland, Norway. The story says that he ran out for 2 months of rent payment in 1957.
He paintet a picture to the daughter where he rentet as a birthday picture. He paintet a cup upside down, the daughter ask Georg why he have paintet this picture, and he answered
"It symbolize my life going down the drain". After this we don't know where he went or what happen to him.

Does anyone have more information on Georg Gunstead or have any of his pictures/paintings?

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