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(Last update: 21 feb 2005)

Welcome to our family site!

The earliest records of our family name goes back to a person named Aanen Kristoffersen Gunderstad. He is the first carrier of the name Gunderstad. His father Kristoffer Thomassen (1823-1889) and his mother Marta Andersdatter (1824-) did not have the name Gunderstad. What happen in this transition is unknown at this point, we know he lived on the farm. The fam was owned by Laurits Pettersen (b 1835) and contained 4 appartments. In one appartment lived Aanen and his wife Stina with their son August Gunderstad. The address to the farm was "Søndre del af Hasseløen". Other living people on the farm was:
Søren Kristian Pettersen
Petra Emilie Pettersen
Oluf Pettersen
Laurits Pettersen
Lisbeth Serine
Knudt Larsen
Karel Anderias Larsen
Emma Karoline Larsen
Ludvig Kornelius Larsen
Olga Dortea Larsen
Bendigkke Teonora Larsen

Of the people on the farm only Aanen with family as born on Bokn.
We will focus our short history by starting with Aanen (Ånen) Gunderstad who was the first person with surname Gunderstad. His ancestors can be presented by browsing trough the site or by downloading the preliminary GEDCOM file.

Our focus at this point is Aanen Gunderstad.

Aanen was born i 1847 in Skudesnes, Rogaland, Norway. He died march 27th 1918 in Kaigt, Haugesund. We know that some of his kids immigrated to USAwhere their surnames changed to Gunstead. Why this happen we dont know, but the rumors say that the Gunstead was changed when they arrived to the Unitet states because the americans had difficulty pronouncing the surname Gunderstad, thats why it was changed. Gunderstad had an ancestral farm in Bokn municipal, Rogaland, Norway (see "Name giving") called Gunderstad. From this farm some of Aanen's kids emigrated to USA as we know of. Aanen had a business on Hasseløy called "Bakarøynå". "Bakarøyne" translated to english will be "baker island". What this business was about is not known.
Aanen married Kristine called (Steena) Lodden. Records show that Kristine had a first name Lorensa which will be Lorensa Kristine Lodden. They had 7 children:

  • Louis (Lars) M. Gunstead - born Nov. 24, 1870, died April 2, 1940. He was buried in Masonic Cemetery, Waterloo Iowa.
  • Arnt Matteus Gunstead - born April 10, 1886, died at age 76 Oct 29 1962 in Andasmauet, Stavanger, Norway.
  • Alexander Gunstead
  • August Gunstead - born 1889
  • Laura Gunstead
  • Chris Gunstead
  • Mathilde "Tilla" Gunstead

This picture is from Haugesunds Avis (Haugesund newspaper) thuesday April 2th 1918

Our focus at this point is Arnt Matteus Gunstead. Our generation can remember back to when Arnt Matteus Gunstead was alive.

This picture is the first known picture taken of Arnt Matteus Gunstead. He was religious preacherman and had a significant postition in the local "Brorsamfunnet" (Brothers society). He wrote many salms and articles which he spoke of. For more information se he's person page.

This is the lastest picture taken of Arnt Matteus Gunstead and Janna Marie Gunstead. At this time I don't know where og when this picture is taken. The person in the middle is also unknown at this time.


One of his articles "Jesus from Nazareth"
There are more articles to see on his person page.

The headstone of Arnt M, Janna Marie and Harald Gunstead . The top text is "God is love" . The stone is located in "Eiganes gravlund", Stavanger, Norway


Arnt Matteus Gunstead married Janna Marie born Septmeber 1890. Arnt Matteus made a trip to Norway in 1913 (27 years) , spring of 1925 (39 years) left Chicago to return to Norway for good. His last residence was Andasmauet 10. My family have always said that they lived on "Andabakken" but this is just a nicname because the house was in a middle of a hill.
The location where the house is today, is now what Stavanger municipal has called "The old town". Many of these houses in the old town is preserved today and is a tourist attraction.

The actual street sign as of today  

The house in Andasmauet did house at the most a family of 10 people: Arnt Matteus, Janna, Albin, Roma, Rasin, Harald, Glory, Lykke, Lillian and Judith.

This is Andasmauet 10 in the old town of Stavanger. The family of Arnt Matteus and Janna lived here!

Arnt Matteus and Janna had 11 children:

  • Lykke Gunstead - born 1915, children Astrid, Eva, Kari.
  • Glory Gunstead - born 1917, married Forsberg a Navy soldier (1 daughter - Gitwar).
  • Rasin Gunstead - boss in a packing house, no children as of 1946.
  • Roma Gunstead - 3 children (Ragnhild, Reidar John or Jan, Ada Marie)
  • Dagfinn Gunstead
  • Georg Gunstead
  • Solveig Gunstead - died at age of 6 in 1946
  • Albin Matteus Gunstead - married Martha Cecilie Meling
  • Judith Gunstead - married Torleiv Hansen on July 26, 1952
  • Lillian Gunstead - dead, born same day as Norwegian Princess Astrid
  • Harald Gunstead - died in 1967, Became a sailor in 1952.

An expression came up when Glory was sent out to find Lykke, after a while of searching she found Lykke with Roma. The funny thing is that Lykke meens "Happiness" in norwegian. So a translation to english would be "Glory went to Rome and found Happiness". This expression are we still laughing about today.

Our focus at this point is Albin Matteus Gunstead son of Arnt Matteus Gunstead.

Albin Matteus Gunstead was born on January 28th 1926 and died in Stavanger University hospital of a hearth attack on April 28th 1993. The death cause was hearth attack but the family suspects that other illness implicated the hearth attack. Albin Matteus did not like doctors and if he had medical attention he never told us what was wrong.
The family will try to pull out his medical record to see his case history. The day he had the hearth attack he was conscious so we did relax a little bit. The doctors called us up in the middle of the night approximately 4 or 5 am and told us to come in hurry. He had a second hearth attack and was now unconscious. The family by his bed could see the hearth monitor flatten out, he died at night. The family by his bed that night was Martha Cecilie (his wife), Sofie (his daughter), Arnt Håkon (his son), Jan Sigurd (his son) and Ketil (his grandchild, Sofies child).
Albin (goes only by his first name, we never used the middle name) met Martha Cecilie Meling. They met eachother in Strandgaten 50 in 1949, Stavanger, Rogaland which was populated by several families. Albin discharged from the army and went home to Strandgaten 50 where Martha has moved in.
Albin and Martha married August 19th 1950 in a chapel on Løkkeveien, Stavanger, Rogaland. She was near her time with here first child, Arnt Haakon at this time.

The headstone of Albin Matteus Gunstead
It is located in Tjensvoll cemetery, Stavanger Rogaland

Albin og Martha had their residence in Løvdalsgaten 45, Kampensgaten 68 and last Professor Hansteensgate, all streets in Stavanger municipal. After Albin died Martha switch with a neighbour to an smaller appartment in the same street on Professor Hansteensgate.

Kampensgaten 68, Stavanger, Rogaland
This house where Albin and Martha's second last residence

This house have many stories to tell, everyone who lived there can tell storys about shaking beds, ghosly figures and Martha even spoke with a man who suddenly came into being. After investigation the house they found out that a man hang himselves in the attic. She can even describe his look today. You can see the attic window on the picture.
This house is a subject of conversation today.


Albin Matteus Gunstead and Martha Cecilie Gunstead had 3 children:

  • Arnt Haakon Gunstead - born Desember 25th 1950, married to Torill. Children: Bjørn Sigve (illegitimate), Jostein, Arnt Martin, Hege.
  • Jan Sigurd Gunstead - born May 10th 1954, married to May Britt. Children: Mirijam, David, Lydia, Elisabeth, Veronica, Jan Christoffer, Patricia.
  • Sofie Gunstead - born August 21th 1955, engaged to Rolf. Children: Janne Sofie and Ketil.


Gunstead is a relative young family, we have many mysteries to solve and the work has just startet. We can only go back for a few generations to Christopher Thomasen Gunderstad which we dont know anyting about yet. We need help from you, please read under the "Investigation" menu and see if you can help us.
We have also a great deal of work ahead, the registration of family members are just starting and will probably never stop.
The work on this site startet January 13th 2005, and we are in an construction stage. Things may not work properly yet or information is not 100% accurate, but we do our best to assembly the information and present them in the most accurate way we can. Also, please forgive my english.

If you have any information regarding the family name, surnames, events or individuals please contact me at: